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    Free transform scale problem with border

    elvisgreenchina Level 1

      When "show transform controls" is checked and I have a layer selected, a white border shows at the edges of the layer with small boxes at the corners and midpoints. Hovering above one of these boxes changes the cursor into the "scale arrow." Traditionally, clicking the border with that arrow and holding down the mouse button allows you to scale down the layer by dragging the mouse.


      In Photoshop CS5 (and perhaps other new versions), clicking the border and holding the mouse button has no effect. Dragging the mouse reverts the pointer into the "selection arrow" and drags the image across the screen instead of resizing it. This is because when you click on the border, it suddenly expands into a larger area. Only by clicking once and then letting go can you move your mouse cursor to the newly defined edge and then scale down the image. This is incredibly frustrating and adds a second, unneeded step in the process. Because I instinctively try to grab hold of the border as is, I usually wind up dragging the image by mistake.


      What's up with this?