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    question about FLA file from inDesign, in Flash

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      I am new to Flash. I am learing about using Flash to add changes to an inDesign file, saved as a FLA file. You then open it in Flash. And, according to videos I have watched, you can add scripts and other motion, and then export it as an Air App.


      I opened my inDesign layout.fla in Flash. All of the elements were in the library, except sound and video files. I read you have to re-import those manually, again in Flash, as FLA does not include them.


      What I don't see are my page transitions, (the page curl I chose in inDesign). Where are they located in the Flash file?Or are they lost as well?


      Also, I understand that each page is saved as a frame. And within each frame, you find the pagespreads. I found them. I edited them with more animation. If I play the file while the spread is on the stage, it all works. If I back up and view the pages as frames and play, it just jumps from page to page. How do you play the file, and save it, so the pagespread and their layers play?


      Also, in my inDesign file, I have interaction. When it is saved as a SWF from inDesign, the user clicks on videos, or images, and things happen. When they click on the page corners, the page turns with the page curl  transition. Where is all of thisin my file now in Flash? Do I have to rebuild it all in Flash?


      Thanks very much,


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          While there's a chance someone might have something to offer here, you are more likely to get answers as to what InDesign does in creating an fla in the InDesign forums...



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            Thanks for your reply.


            I found the answers by creating and testing a very simple example in inDesign.


            This all applies to inDesign files exported as FLA files and opened in Flash cs5.5.


            My goal was to create a simple but interactive magazines  in inDesign, and bring them into Flash, to compile as an App as described in many of the Adobe.tv videos.


            The page transitions do not port to flash.

            You have to code new page transitions, one for each frame, manually with your own code, as the inDesign pages are each put on a separate page when brought into Flash.

            Video and Sound is not ported into Flash in the FLA file. This is documented by Adobe. You have to re-add it once in Flash.

            Simple animations made on the inDesign page, do port into Flash as separate movie clips and play automatically, when the playhead goes to the frame, where the movieclip lives.

            Page spreads from inDesign, are saved as movieclips on each page frame, in flash. They are named Spread_1, etc.

            You will see them play automatically, if you code the frames, using something like gottoAndStop().


            It seems that this would be good to let people know in inDesign, so they do not spend a lot of time creatng effects or working with video and sound. If their goal is to port it to Flash and save as an Air app. All the video's on the subject, (and I have watched them all), show inDesign files porting into Flash, and then they  just add some animation in Flash and compile and it all works. It is not that simple. You have to basically build again, all the page transitions. And the page curl does not port.


            I thought other beginners with these goals, might find this helpful. I was able to successfully compile the file for an Air App, though  I found some differences in how it works, if compiled for Air vs compiled for SWF. I have created another post, asking about these issues.


            Thanks very much.