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    Flex for ipad




      Hope you can answer a few questions regarding flex.


      I want to create an ipad/android app that is basically a quiz. Is flex the correct tool for this?


      I thought Apple did not allow Adobe products (flash) to work on their iOS. How is Adobe able to make flex work on iOS?


      Will flex created apps work without any support on iOS - like should Adobe AIR be installed on iOS for flex apps to work on it?

      If so is this done separately or is AIR integrated into flex?

      Can you create games with flex and deploy into iOS/Android?


      The deployment of flex-created projects into iOS seems very cumbersome. While the benefit of write once (in flex) and run everywhere is great, will

      it be better to code in xcode/objective-C for the iOS? Is there a significant time saving while developing in flex?


      Thanks for your assistance.

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          drkstr_1 Level 4

          You actually wouldn't be running Flash or AIR in iOS. The "cumbersome" processes is actually a cross-compiler that converts your app to Objective C so it can run in iOS.


          Whether or not using Flex is a timeserver largely depends if you will be targeting other platforms in addition to iOS, and your existing skill set. Development time in xcode is fairly comparable to Flex, given an equal knowledge of both. The downside of xcode is that you can only target iOS.

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            kokorito Level 4



            you write a mobile app, its only when you compile it you choose android or iOS (or both)

            an android app is complied to a 'native' .apk file that uses AIR mobile

            an iOS app compiles to native .isa that is apparently indistinguishable to the code that is produced by the apple sdk so there is no need for AIR or flash player


            yes, deploying to apple is a pain in the ***, but that is down to their certificate procedure which is presumably the same for objective-c. You have to apply for a certifiate and provisioning file for each app, and each app is approved before it goes in the store.