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    Build AIR Package in MSVS / C++?


      I'm investigating the possibility of creating an AIR package from our Microsoft Visual C++ app.


      Say our app, a drawing and publishing app, could create high resolution bitmaps from user generated content. Say also we were to create a fancy viewer application in maybe Flex which we could install as a resource alongside our app. Would it then be possible to get our app to package our Flex viewer application with user generated content to create an AIR application which our end users could then themselves distribute?


      All the reading I've done so far suggests that the only way we might achieve this would be to ship the AIR SDK with our app which I guess isn't going to wash. Maybe another way to phrase the question might be 'Does anybody know of any specs available that would help  us to write our own code to build AIR packages?' and if so 'Would this raise any licensing issues?'. At the end of the day I think all we're really after is to take a package we made earlier, replace some of the resources in it and re-sign it.


      Thanks in advance for anyone with any suggestions or pointers to further info.