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    Printing the SAME page 2-up on a page - how?


      I have a document that is 3x5" and I need to print each page 2-up -- thats 2 copies of page 1 on one sheet, then 2 copies of page 2 on the next sheet -- NOT 1 copy of pages 1 & 2 on a page.


      I have about 30 files that are 40 pages long so I would really like to find a simple way to do this.


      I the past I used a 3 step process that involved exporting to PDF and then reimporting - I've changed printers and lost all my saved presets so I'm hoping now with CS5 there is maybe an easier approach as it is very cumbersome especially if I only have on little change on one page that I need to correct and print.


      (I've tried the 2-up layout options in the print handling and the print booklet feature but can't figure anything out)


      thanks in advance to anyone who can help.