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    The new context-help in Flash Builder 4.5 is horrible... anyway to change it back to FB3?


      See the picture below: (you will have to click it to see it better, because the Forum doesn't show it properly)




      Problem number 1: at Debug Time, I do not see a tooltip with the value of "Credits", even though it is a PUBLIC VARIABLE inside the Player Class. It is NOT even a property! In Flex Builder 3 all accessible members had their values indicated at Debug Time. In Flash Builder 4.5, they broke it and instead of seeing the value of Credits, I see that stupid tooltip which helps at exactly nothing.


      Problem number 2: these hover tooltips appear way too fast. As soon as my mouse floats over practically anything in the code, I get that annoying huge tooltip. I tried to find an option which configures the delay with which that hover tooltip should appear, but I found no such configuration option.


      I hope somebody can help me with some suggestions.


      Thank you in advance.