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    Reasonable Color Monitoring using Premiere Pro

    Keith Moreau Level 1

      I have a Mac Pro and Premiere Pro 5.5 and a Nvidia Quadro 4000. I recently replaced my secondary monitor with a highly rated (for accurate color) 24" monitor with DVI, Displayport, and HDMI inputs. This isn't a Flanders or a Dreamcolor, so I'm not expecting the world.


      I have heard that the monitoring in Premiere Pro, because it has good YUV to RGB conversion, is very good at representing true color and would be a good judge on a good calibrated monitor.


      I have searched a bit about this. And it somes that most say that the only good way to have any good reference is to use a special card that outputs in proper color space, and a monitor that accepts it and is calibrated, usually a TV like monitor, not a computer monitor.


      So I'm wondering if anybody is using or wouild recommend their second computer display for accurate monitoring? (such as for basic color correction.)


      Thanks much.