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    can't play sound in embedded sound in pdf documents


      Adobe player X and sound


      O.S: windows 7.

      Adobe player: Adobe player X


      I have received a book on Scottish Gaelic phonology. The recordings are on the net embedded in Adobe documents. I have downloaded but can not get them to play. The message I got initially said that it could not play them because “the required codecs were no installed on this system” but it did not tell me what one I needed. I even uninstalled  Adobe player X and installed 9.4 – but it did not make a difference so I reinstalled Adobe player X.


      I also get the message: “some features have been disabled to avoid potential security risks. Only enable these features if you trust this document”. I've permitted them but it makes no difference but it then comes up with the message “Acrobat has encountered an error while playing this media clip; Adobe's build-in (sure they meant “built-in”!) cannot play this format as the required decoder is not installed on this system”. I have searched through the actual pdf documents general info, preferences etc etc – but could not find which codecs or encoder I need. I have emailed the author to ask him if he can tell me the encoder he used. He has emailed back and does not know the answer to this question (any answer folk can give to this I'll pass on to him and maybe it will help anyone in future who has the same problem)


      I have tried to do a search in the forums to see if anyone has asked a similar question, but can not find anything (though am sure someone must have in the past)


      I am sure the answer is probably very easy to sort out – but it is just having the knowledge how to resolve this.


      I am very grateful in advance for any help folk can help with this problem.


      Crìsdean Mac Fhearghais


      p.s the web address for the files are at the bottom of http://www.akerbeltz.eu/books.html

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          They use legacy media (MP3 files embedded in a way that requires an external program to play them back). Legacy media is potentially dangerous and is disabled by default in current versions of Adobe Reader, so you must explicitly permit it to run. Your computer must also have a compatible application registered to play back MP3 files, and on Adobe Reader's preferences screen you must have that application chosen and unblocked. On Windows 7 that will usually be Windows Media Player.


          Authors are strongly discouraged from using legacy media, and creation of this type of annotation is no longer possible in Acrobat X. Wherever possible authors should replace existing documents with versions that use Acrobat's native Rich Media annotations, or provide downloads to the media files via another route.

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            Can you explain in plain English what you are talking about?  I have tons of PDF's created in various versions of Acrobat with embedded MP3 files.  Are you suggesting that I have to re-create all of these (thousands of language expressions) using some unheard of "Acrobat native Rich Media annotation" -- whatever that is?


            You must be joking -- this is assine.