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    What hard drive set up?


      Its probably been asked here many times but I'm in a slightly tricky situation here.

      I'm building a new PC for video editing and such. Problem is I bought an mATX case which doesn't have a lot of space for storing HDDs.

      I can store 2 x 3.5inch HDDs and I could also make use of an empty 5inch drive bay to either store 1 x 3.5in HDD in there or 2 x 2.5in HDDs in there.

      I've right now just got one 3.5in 500GB HDD for the OS + Programmes and all. I'll be using an external hard drive to back everything up.


      I'ld like to know if anyone can help me chose how I can get the most efficient hard drive set up here. I can't afford SSDs right now.

      So if ye guys could recommend me good hard drives I can add to my system to make the set up more efficient for working with the Production Suite.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Step 1. Get a bigger case. No use to continue wrestling with limited space and insufficient cooling.


          Step 2. Get some Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB disks, one of the most affordable and high performance disks around.


          Step 3. Check Adobe Forums: Generic Guideline for Disk Setup to see how your disks can be allocated. Also check Adobe Forums: Storage rules for an editing rig. Some...


          If you are really ambitious, look here http://www.technologyreview.com/computing/38440/page1/

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            I agree with Harm on all three points.

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              afaque1 Level 1

              I can't really get a new case right now, maybe sometime next year.

              For now I think I can stick one more 3.5in HDD in the case, adding two more could cause heat issues.

              What do you say about putting a 2.5in HDD in the case like the Seagate Momentus xt? It'ld take less space so would be better cooling.


              Also what do you think about having one disk as an external USB 3.0 or eSATA disk?


              Like I'm just starting out into film making and video editing with the recent HDSLR I bought so I won't be doing any heavy editing. I'll mostly just be shooting videos to learn video editing/production along with video shooting skills so I'm not going to be working on any big projects and such. But as I get better at what I do, I plan on buying a new bigger case and expanding my rig. So right now as I'm just starting off, I'm not too focused on having the fastest and most efficient workflow as I'm also on a bit of a budget here.


              I think the set ups I could go with right now is:


              1. Add another 3.5in 1TB HDD and one 2.5in HDD to have the 3 disk set up with just about enough room in the case to not have any heat issues. Adding 2 x 2.5in HDDs could give better cooling as that'ld take up even less space.

              2. Add one internal 3.5in 1TB HDD and one external e-sata or usb 3.0 HDD.


              So what would you guys reckon would be the better set up to go with?