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    Multilingual application problem

      I am currently in mind blowing problem of multilingual app with shared font.
      A simple test application would be a text inputbox and a dynamic textfield. Now I create a shared font.
      Working fine for english, german, french and simplified chinese. But in case of russian or thai.... "BLANK".....
      Now my biggest concern is what about russian and thai font.
      I have used Mario Klingmann's technique but failed.
      Could someone explain this mistery.....or MORE PRECISELY help me. :)
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          Rothrock Level 5
          Are you using MX? I don't think his technique will work for newer versions of Flash. There was a big change in how Flash handles fonts/languages starting with Flash MX04. It started handling all text as unicode and dropped the codepage model.

          I don't know about Russsian or Thai specifically, but I do have a little experience with Hindi/Devanagari. It seems for the Hindi, which has a complex layout (and I think Thai also has a complex layout), that you can't embed the fonts and get them to compose correctly.

          I'm not sure why this would be happening with Russian.

          If you want to post a link I would be happy to poke around a bit and see what I could maybe figure out.

          PS: You seem to be missing some curly braces from your if statement.