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    Please help me with buying a second hand PC for CS5 (i7-920)

    relwarcrepus Level 1



      I hope someone can help me?


      I'm new to the forum. I hope I posted to the correct forum.


      I need help on the following.


      I cannot presently afford to buy or build a brand new system. I can get the following second hand PC at a very good price.


      Intel Core i7-920 2.67GZ


      6GB Memory

      Asus GTS 450 Nvidia GFX card

      2 x 1.5TB

      2 X 250GB

      1 X 320GB

      Windows 7 Home Premium


      As an absolute beginner with Adobe, will the above specs be good enough to run Adobe CS5 Master Collection until I can afford to buy a better PC?