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    Looping Precompose


      Good Day...

      Im doing a project which highlights video (about 30) and using tv sets and placing he video into the monitor. I precomposed the footage for each. Going through each video one at a time..each video is shown in monitor and changing the scaling to show to 75% plus size. Playing and then scaling back down to the original size of tv monitor....I can show video once but once it is back to original..how can loop within the tv screen for the rest of the parent's video? I'm using CS3 version. ANyone help?


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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Two options. Pre-render your footage with the replace usage option chosen in the Render Cue. You'll find the option by spinning down the Output Module twirley.


            Second option, Precompose the footage layer, trim the pre-comp to the length of the footage, then enable time remapping on the pre-composed layer in the original composition. You'll see two keyframes for Time Remapping. Leave them where they are and add the following expression to Time Remapping:




            Now extend the length of the pre-comp by dragging the out point as needed.


            If your footage is setup to loop properly you won't have a jump using either method.


            Pre-rendering will make the render of your main comp go faster. Pre-composing and time remapping will give you more options.