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    localToGlobal in nested swfs

      hi there
      i seem to behaving problems with a globalToLocal calculation. it all works fine and as it should when i run the .swf on its own, but the problem happens when i load the swf into a parent swf. if it loads in a 0, 0 then again, all is well. if i ever shift the containers _x that the child is loaded into then the co-ordinates screw up

      if its any use, then heres teh code im using for my localToGlobal

      var pointConversion:Object = new Object();
      pointConversion.x = p_x;
      pointConversion.y = p_y;

      is there a known issue, or some kinda of workaround any one knows of, perhaps even doing localToGlobal then a GlobalToLocal again?

      thanks very much