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    After Effects 5 (old version), message "configuration failed, error 3, please uninstall and reinstall."

    hip scientist


      When I try to launch After Effects 5 (old version), I get a message "configuration failed, error 3, please uninstall and reinstall.". I reinstall the prorgram as indicated, and it works again. I think all is solved, but when I turn the computer off in the evening, then turn it on the next morning, I get the "configuration failed..." message again. I got the program several weeks ago, and up until now, it has functioned without a problem. I have spoken with two Adobe technicians with no success, and it was concluded that the problem was with my computer, one of them suggesting that this was a problem with "administrative permission". I am unsatisfied, of course, but I am encouraged by your posting. I am not a great computer expert, so I can't deal a with a complicated solution without clear guidance. It;s a laptop computer that uses Windows 7, has 8Gb of RAM, Core i7, 64-bit.


      THANKS for any help.