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    GPU and Open GL rendering in Premiere CS4


      This is my workstation: A 64 Bit PC with Intel Quad Core i7 Extreme Edition - 3.2 Ghz; ASUS P6T Deluxe/OC Palm Motherboard; 2 Seagate Cheetah HD -147 Go SAS 15Krpm - Raid 0; PNY Quadro CX NVIDIA PCIE 1.5 Go; 24 GB of Ram - DIMM 240-pin - DDR3 - 1333 MHZ; Blu-ray 8X BD/DVDRW 16X SATA LS; Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit; Adobe Production Premium CS4.

      Lately, I've had some problems with rendering in Premiere. It seemed very slow and sluggish and I don't know why.

      Now, this might sound obvious to a lot of people but. my question is: How do I optimize and use the GPU and Open GL in the best and most efficient way in PREMIERE PRO CS4 and After Effects CS4? What is the best configuration?

      Thanks for any help possible. DMVNPRO

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          RjL190365 Level 4

          The GPU might not be to blame. Rather, your system appears to use just one single RAID 0 disk setup for absolutely everything, with absolutely no other fast hard drives at all whatsoever in that build. The problem with using RAID 0 as the system drive volume is that it does an extremely poor job of handling large and small files simultaneously (such an operation is required by all video editing software). In fact, using a single RAID 0 for everything is actually much slower than using a single hard drive for everything due to RAID 0's poor mixed-file-size performance and the additional overhead caused by the RAID driver(s).

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            Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I completely agree with Randall on the single disk if you really only have those two drives.  The other problem with your single small array is that it is probably just getting full and therefore slowing down more and more as you fill it up.  How much room do you have left on your approximately 250 GB array?   Have you defragmented lately?

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              DMVNPRO Level 1

              Thanks a lot for your feedback, guys. Appreciate.

              I omitted to mention that I actually have an extra 1 TB hard drive for the clips.

              I've been using my system for about 2 years with 12 Gigs of RAM and everything was going rather well.

              In May of 2011, I upgraded to 24 Gigs because I wanted to upgrade to CS5.5.

              I'm still running with CS4 but I forgot to mention that I use the Raid 0 hard drives specifically

              to use the Adobe software. All of my footage, music, graphics and photographs are on the 1 TB HD.

              Also, I only work on one project at a time.

              When I'm finished, I transfer everything on an external HD.

              And I do defrag frequently and regularly. Not with the Windows defragger.

              It sucks. I use Defraggler, a free program that's very efficient.


              I had my workstation built from the ground up from reading about

              a similar configuration in Videomaker. And the tests were very impressive.

              I only have problems with Premiere. Premiere came with the nVidia Quadro CX

              graphic card as part of a bundle. So I upgraded from there to the Adobe Production Premium Suite CS4.

              I remember that I had to reinstall Premiere once.  Sometimes it just stops working and

              literally disappears. Frequently, the rendering is so slow, it's frustrating.

              I never had an issue with After Effects, which I use a lot. I also use Photoshop frequently. No problem there.

              Could it be that Premiere in some way has been corrupted?

              Again, I appreciate your feedback. Thanks again. Daniel Martel

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Using CS4, the CX card is a complete waste of money. Any $ 30 card performs equally well. Your raid0 for OS and programs is not a good idea and only one disk for media effectively means only two disks in use, which is the minimum requirement for PR. Your system sounds a bit lob-sided. A great but useless CX card for PR and marginal in the disk area.

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                  DMVNPRO Level 1

                  Hi Harm. Thanks for your feedback.

                  I truly appreciate.I'm no technician,

                  but would it be the same when I upgrade to CS5.5?

                  It seems to me that nVidia cards (CX in particular) were

                  created and tested to optimize the Adobe CS4 Suites in particular.

                  You seem to know a lot on the matter.

                  What would you suggest as an alternative, if any?

                  Thanks for replying. Daniel Martel

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    When you upgrade to CS5.5, the story changes. CS5+ uses MPE (Mercury Playback Engine), not available in CS4, that can improve render times by a factor 10-15 when hardware acceleration is enabled. Your CX card can use hardware MPE and will then show large performance gains over a $ 30 video card. However, the CX still is essentially a costly (IIRC around $ 1700) and older Quadro card. Today a much newer GTX 560+ card performs even better for a fraction of the money.


                    Have a look here: http://ppbm5.com/MPE%20Charts.php to see the performance gains with a CUDA enabled card. Possibly start reading here: PPBM5 Benchmark and then go through the various pages. With CS4 this will not help you, since it requires CS5+, but it will show you what is ahead when you upgrade.


                    If you click on the Overview tab at the top of the forum, you will be presented with a list of articles than may be of interest to you and may help you to further optimize your system for CS5.

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                      DMVNPRO Level 1

                      Hi Harm. Again, thanks a million for your feedback.

                      I remember that one of the features of the CX card, as I've already mentioned, was that it was specifically produced for the Adobe Creative Suites, among other things; the other feature that interested me was the ability to use two monitors, which I do.

                      Two years ago, when I decided to have my workstation built from scratch, I had the opportunity of receiving some good inheritance money. That was the main reason

                      I would have the workstation built with the best hardware and software available at the time.

                      One thing I will definitely consider is to upgrade the card, if necessary, as soon as I've upgraded to CS5.5.

                      With the configuration that I have right now, do you have a suggestion for the card?

                      Since this is my profession, I would never consider putting cheap anything in my workstation, so even though I'm not the richest guy around,

                      I'd definitely go with the best card available for what I do. That is, producing and editing video in Full HD.


                      I did see what CS5.5 can accomplish with the Mercury Playback Engine and it looks amazing. Premiere and After Effects in particular.

                      Also, CS5.5 is a true 64 Bit software, which is a definite plus.

                      I repeat myself, but thank you for your most precious and informative feedback.

                      I totally appreciate it. Regards. Daniel Martel