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    DVR Support in 1.6 sprint 5


      According to the release notes DVR streams should default to the live point:



      Support for starting from LIVE point in DVR scenarios

      With previous versions of OSMF, the playback in a LIVE with DVR scenario started from the moment

      when the DVR recording was initiated. This default behavior was changed in the current Sprint so that

      the playback will always start from the LIVE point


      This is not what I am seeing. Before when i dug into the what was happening it didnt even look like the f4m was being recognized as DVR content after being parsed.


      this is the F4M:


      <manifest xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/f4m/1.0">




        <media url="rtmp://" />



      Am i missing something?


      Plays fine but does not start at live point.