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    Threading Whole Textboxes

    TjmSmith Level 1

      I am trying to build a pub for an ad book.

      Ads will be full, half and quarter page.

      Within each size, ads must be in alphabetical order.

      Because ads will be incoming over many days/weeks, cannot wait till all are received to build book. As each ad is received, I want to place it alphabetically within the size group.

      Manually moving each older/existing ad to a new position seems time consuming.

      Though best way was to build blank pages with appropriate sized text box(es) and 'chain' those boxes.

      Then put another ad text box to hold the actual ad within each 'chained' text box.

      Thus, when I add a new ad text box within the chain, all the subsequent boxes would be pushed.

      Doesn't work.  Newly added ad text box just lays atop old ad box


      Yes, new to InDesign.  Will use MS Pub if I have to, know that works.

      Thanks in advance,