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    I need advise on export for PrPro 5.0 files shoot on Canon 550D


      Hi every one.


      I have made a short film shoot onthe Canon 550D. Frames 1920 x 1088 file type .MOV frame rate 23.976.


      I have edited the short film. I want to export it so i can give it to a friend to grade it. Then when he has graded it i need to add the track of edited sound and music before its done.


      I have a PC and a PrPro 5.0. I want to export it so i that i dont loose any quality.


      Question: What is the best format to choose, Preset, Video Codec, and anyother thing i have to tick to prevent me from losing quality?


      Also the person i am sending this file to grade has Premiere Pro 5 on his Apple.


      I really appriciate any help.