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      Sorry if this a cross post, I posted to Google Groups but got no response.

      I installed RoboHelp and created a small project. But after
      compiling, I get the following erros:

      Starting compilation...
      WebHelp preprocessor 13.10.606

      Compiling C:\Documents and Settings\hbird\My Documents\Other
      Projects\OpenAero\Help Files\OpenAreo
      Help\!SSL!\WebHelp\openareo_help.htm ...

      Preparing to create WebHelp...
      Clearing output folder...
      Preparing files for WebHelp...
      Copying files...
      Updating files...
      Finished preparing in 1 sec(s)

      Initializing compiler...
      Generating WebHelp 5.50 (13.10.606)...

      Template Active Script Error: (null) [Line: 13] (null)
      Template Error: can not resolve macro: RegisterResolvers

      Fatal Error: Cannot run macro: RegisterResolvers in compilation script.
      Template Error: can not resolve macro: WH_HOME_HTM
      Template Error: can not resolve macro: SF_HOMEPAGE_HTM
      Template Error: can not resolve macro: WH_CSH_HTM
      Template Error: can not resolve macro: WH_CSH2_HTM
      Finished compiling WebHelp in 1 sec(s)

      Compilation complete.

      I think the answer lies somewhere in the Register Resolvers - whatever
      that is. My quesstion is there is some problem they way I installed
      the app. I downloaded it from Adobe.

      I installed it with my admiistrative rights localy but I am attempting
      to work with it under another domain on my computer where all my
      working files are located.

      Thanks for any help.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Hal Bird and welcome to our community

          One of the classic symptoms of RoboHelp being incorrectly installed is that you are unable to generate WebHelp. Because of this, I'm going to steer you to fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter Grainge's site.

          Click here to visit Peter's site

          Of special note is that your IT folks MUST (absolutely MUST) be logged in as YOU with FULL ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS. Once that has been completed, they can log out and restrict you back to a desired level. But until this happens, don't expect RoboHelp to work with no issues.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Hal_Bird Level 1
            Thanks for the quick response! I'll check out the site.