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    Does Flash CS3 have a sample Images library

    qumi Level 1

      My version of Flash CS3 was installed during the global installation of the CS3 Master Collection Suite.


      I'm working my way through some web-based tutorials in Flash and some tutorials refer to using images from say a Graphics Library (e.g. 'Choose Libraries > Graphics in the menu').  Perhaps these menu options are for other versions than CS3 ... I don't know.


      Main question is:  does Flash CS3 have any such sample images library?  If so, where would I find it or where do I need to return to install it (I don't see any folder pertaining to this in the main Adobe > Adobe Flash CS3 folder ... would these types of images/extras have been on an additional Bonus/Extras CD I didn't install?)?


      I'm thinking of sample images similar to clip-art libraries of pre-drawn graphics.