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    How long does it take and how should I learn...

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      Hi. First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong forum.


      I am new to web-design (as in brand-new xD) and wish to learn Dreamweaver.  With Dreamweaver being such a big application, with so many different tools etc I decided it would be best if I learned the languages I wish to use first, so as I know what Dreamwever is creating and I can 'fine-tune' my websites.


      The languages I wish to learn are:


      • HTML
      • PHP
      • Javascript
      • MySQL (I am aware that this isn't a 'language', but would still like to learn how it works and use it effectively)
      • CSS


      My questions are:


      • In which order should I learn these languages?
      • Which version of each language should I learn? 
      • For example should I learn HTML5, with it being relatively new and not widely supported, but with the support growing so fast would it be worth just learning HTML5 straight away?
      • Can you reccomend any books etc for me to learn with?  I am a full time college student, so will be teaching myself after college hours.
      • How long should I expect it to take to learn each language? (If you want to give the answer in days/months assume I will be spending 2hours per day average learning each language)



      I do not want to learn every single detail about each language, but I do want to learn to a high enouhg level that I am comfortable with reading, understanding and editing my own code.



      To help me understand your answers more clearly it would be great if you can just copy and paste this below (although feel free not to ):




      What order should I learn these in?





      How long (roughly) should it take?: 

      What resources van you reccomend for me to learn from?: 

      What experience do you have? (I'm just nosey like that :P): 

      Other comments: 



      Please feel free to copy and paste the second half (with all the questions) as many times as you like for each language you choose to tell me about.


      Any help would be very greatly appreciated and please, if you for some reason find this post offensive, think back to when you were learning; everyone has to start somewhere.


      Thanks for your time,