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    Dynamic LinK to After Effect makes export freeze


      Hi everyone,

      I had previously posted on the Encore Forum, because the problem first appreared when trying to DL a sequence from Premiere to Encore: it took almost 6 hours for 15 mins of video, then it froze. Then I tried to export directly from Premiere, it took less (3 hours or so) but it froze nonetheless.


      I found out that it froze exactly in the same spot, that is when it came to a DL from AE. It was a 30 secs composition in which I had simply stabilized a clip, no other effects were there. So, no matter what, when I try to expot the sequence, it blocks when it comes to the DL.


      The problem is also that neither Encore nor Premiere showed me anything about it before exporting; both regularly started encoding, only to freeze at a certain point. In this way, I can't and I won't be able to realize when something like that will happen again. I mean: How could I know when a DL will create problem when exporting? The fact is that other DL worked fine.


      Does anyone know if there is something I should check in order to have DLs work reguraly?


      Thank You