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    Issue with Rendering


      Hey guys, recently got After Effects and I have a really simple problem which Im probably overlooking and that's the do with rendering.


      Got some .avi footage that I've recorded off my computer and I want to use it in After Effects, now as I'm aware I should render it by clicking RAM Preview, as the green bar comes along the bottom of the screen. But my issue is that the entire video does not render, it will get to about 5 seconds then stop. Now it's not an issue with my system as I'm running on an i7-860 @ 2.8 Ghz with 6GB DDR3 RAM. Unless I move the blue bar across the time line it will render about 5 seconds or so from the point at which I render.


      Sometimes it renders 10 or 20 seconds though. Now it did fully render once as I did something different, I usually double click the project window, import my single .avi file and drag onto the composition window, fit it to the window as it's recorded at 1680x988 but I make it smaller but I can't remember what it is different that I did.


      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, as this has got me rather fustrated that I cannot watch my entire video in AE. Thanks!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like you're using a screen recording. The first thing I'd do is make the composition a standard size and crop or fit the screen capture to the comp. Odd sizes may present problems when rendering for final output.


          The second thing I'd do if you want to render more of your movie is to set the composition resolution to half or even 1/4. Make sure the work area covers the entire composition (or the part you want to preview).


          6GB of ram isn't that much. Your frame is about the same pixel dimensions as HD so 6 to 10 seconds is probably all you'll get at full resolution. Because of the limitations of screen size I'm usually working in AE with my composition window set to 50% zoom and the quality to half. Today I'm working on a laptop so the comp zoom or Magnification ratio is set to 25% and the Resolution is set to Quarter. My Preview panel has the resolution set to Auto so that it matches the Composition. This will give you much longer ram previews. Normal workflow is to only do a full resolution preview to check out small parts of a project. Motion and timing tests are almost always done with a smaller than full sized composition window at a lower than full resolution preview.


          You should go through the getting startted with After Effects pages referenced all over this site or check the help files on previewing and rendering.


          Screen Shot 2011-08-28 at 2.42.50 PM.png

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            AJScott755 Level 1

            Thank you very much, I chose a smaller window to render my video in but I used the same quality.


            So is it possible to preview an entire movie when it's done?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That depends on how long it is. The only way to look at something at full resolution that is longer than the available ram is to render the project.


              Please go through the Getting Started With After Effects resources found HERE.

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                AJScott755 Level 1

                Thank you again, I was stressing over this for quite a while and could not find the information I needed.

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                  AJScott755 Level 1

                  I closed down my project and began a new one and following your instructions the same problem occured, I had a smaller window and set the resolution to half but it didn't render the entire video.