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    Best trade-off... File size vs. video quality

    RavenMouse Level 1

      For several years, I have been creating a .WMV format video file after recording our church's Sunday sermon (using Premiere Pro).  Today, for example, I processed the 40 minute sermon down to a 40MByte .WMV file with "decent" quality.  The only problem has been that folk who come to our website (sermons are at http://www.calvarychristianchurch.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=dspSermonSeries, if anyone wants to see the current video quality or lack thereof) using a Mac don't seem to be able to play the file WITH SOUND (the video portion works fine)!  So, I'm looking to go to another format, but I would REALLY welcome suggestions as to what would be to best format to get at least as good video quality in a file not TOO much larger than my current .WMVs, that is playable both in WMPlayer on the PC and in whatever the comparable player is on the Mac (I presume QuickTime, but haven't played with a Mac in YEARS, so don't know...)!


      I'm using PPro CS5.5 with an Intel i5 processor, if that helps any.  Oh, one last parameter...  Currently my computer crunches the files in 15-20 minutes.  I could go lnger if I >had< to do so, but would prefer not having to wait forever!


      Thanks in advance!


      - Jim 8^)