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    Transitions don't work!

    Thor33433 Level 1

      I'm trying to learn about transitions.  I have a brief clip that is split into 3 scenes.  I've inserted variuos transitions, and I've set the duration as long as 10 seconds, but I still get a cut -- no transition.  Rendering the clip doesn't solve the problem.


      What might I be doing wrong?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          It sounds like you are taking a single Clip, Cutting it, and then applying Transitions to those Cuts. Is that correct?


          If so, then there is nothing to Transition from, or to. As a test, grab three different Clips, drag them to the Timeline, and then apply Transitions to those. Does that work better.


          One major consideration with Transitions is Handles. This ARTICLE goes into much more detail, and explains Handles in detail. This is a concept that one must get their head around, when using Transitions.


          Good luck,



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            Thor33433 Level 1

            I was misled by the Scene Line, which puts arrows between the scenes in my clip.  When I drag a transition to those arrows, it stays there.  But  you're saying it can't function there -- only between clips?

            What can one do if the videographer cuts from one scene to a very different one, and you need a transition in there?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              If you are transitioning between two different scenes, you can certainly add the transition in between those clips on the Sceneline, as you've described.


              As Bill says, though, if the clips are not different -- say you've just split a scene -- and you add a transition between them, the transition is often invisible because you are transitioning from a scene to itself and both the incoming and outgoing scenes are identical.


              Is that what you're doing?

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                Thor33433 Level 1

                I went back to the original clip.  The problem exists, even though I haven't split the clip in any way.


                I had all our old 8mm movies digitized into a single file, and converted that to a MOV file.  That's my only "clip."


                In Sceneline view, there are many scenes.  But when I try to insert a transition between scenes, nothing happens, though the transition is properly shown/described in the arrow between scenes.


                I thought transitions go between scenes.  Are they only for use between clips? I have only one 1½-hour clip.  Does that mean I can't use transitions?

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Maybe we're not clear on what you're doing, Thor. Can you post a screen capture?


                  You say you have a single video clip -- and yet you keep talking about inserting a transition into it.


                  Transitions require two clips. An outgoing clip and an incoming clip. And they must be two different clips in order for you to see the transition.


                  What happens if you switch to Timeline mode? Do you see the transition indicator over the two adjacent clips on the timeline?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    As a test, go to Timeline View Mode. Move the CTI (Current Time Indicator - the little Playhead w/ the red Edit Line) to between two of those "scenes." Hit Ctrl+K to Cut the Clip, between those two Scenes. Now, click+drag on the Tail of the Clip on the left (created by the Cut), to the left about 40 Frames. Click+drag on the Head of the Clip to the right of the Cut, to the right by about 40 Frames. Without any modifier key, those Trims will cause the Clips to close up to each other. Now, at that point (the now Trimmed Cut), apply a Transition. Play that area. Do you now see the desired Transition?


                    Please report what happens in that test.


                    Good luck,



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                      Thor33433 Level 1

                      That worked!  I now have a functioning transaction just where I wanted it.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        Great news!


                        Thanks for running the test, and also reporting your success.


                        Happy editing,




                        PS - I find Scenline View Mode to only be useful for initial "storyboarding," and feel that Timeline View Mode, with its greater control and power, should be invoked, when the storyboard is complete.


                        PPS - do be sure to read that article on Handles, as it will be useful, as you work with more Transitions.