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    Why does AE's 720 become QT's 654??

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi - I have a project where I need to work in 720x480 to satisfy specs http://vpcinc.net/ftp/RCA/Masons Spots/OMC Encoding Standards.doc.


      So  - I'm using NTSC DV settings in AE CS5.5 (Mac).  The new comp dialog says 720x480 and I thought I'd be golden.  But when I render out a QT.mov the "actual size" (according the the QT movie Inspector) is 654x480.


      I've tried rendering with no compression and a few others but I'm shooting in the dark.  The results are the same.


      What don't I understand here??  How do I get 720x480 to actually BE 720x480 in my final QT??


      TIA your help.