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    Disappearing Post

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      Just had an odd occurance. I was replying to a post on changing Text in Titler, but it disappeared, before I could post.


      Here was my reply, in case others can benefit from it:


      "In the Titler Panel, where one edits Titles, whether from the Library, or created, at the top of the Toolbox, there is a Selection Tool (Arrow). Click on the Text Box with it, and then Delete, or otherwise modify the Text. One can also use the Text Tool, the T, and click inside the area where that existing Text is. This is not quite so easy, until you have done it a few times, hence my first rec. to Select the Text Box with the Selection Tool, and then edit. The choice is yours.


      To load a Title into the Titler Panel, you can Dbl-click on it, or from the Title Library panel, choose Apply, where it will be opened in Titler for you."


      Not sure if the OP found the answer, and deleted the original post, of is the forum is acting up.


      I also noted that in this message, the Block Quote function is not available, but that could be because it is an original post - never noticed that before.