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    ADE on Window 7 & Acer A500


      I want to transfer a book from ADE on my desktop to LimiRead on my A500.  ADE does not recognise my A500 when I plug it in.

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          I have the same problem.  Digital Editions says that the Acer A500 is a supported e-Reader, but it does not appear when I tether it to my computer.  I have absolutely no problem with this when I attach my KOBO.  I am sooooo frustrated.  I'd really like to know what I need to do to get Digital Editions to recognize my A500.

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            l1u9c8y8 Level 1

            Its nice to have company.  I've given up for the moment and plan to download books direct to my Acer, tho I must admit I've been busy on other things...including buying a Kindle.

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              I'm also having this same problem.  I subscribed to this thread a couple weeks ago, assuming there would be a quick resolution.  Not seeing one, I am adding a reply for Adobe/Acer to see that it's not just one or two people having this problem.  My local library uses the ADE books, and I would love to be able to read them on my tablet, one of the reasons for buying it.

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                bosco77777 Level 1

                I was able to find a workaround, at least for the Adobe DRM'd book I wanted to see.  Aldiko is listed on the ADE supported devices (http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices).  It is an Android App.  I installed it and activated my Adobe digital id inside it.  The tablet still didn't show up under ADE on my PC.  However, in Aldiko's support forum, they said to transfer books to it, save the .ascm file from the librarie's website, rather than opening it.  Then copy that file (it should only be about a kilobyte) to your tablet.  Then open that link up with Astro File Manager, and it should open Aldiko, and download the book.  I am now able to view the library book on my tablet.  I didn't try, but maybe if I had gone to the library's website from the tablet's browser, I could have downloaded the book directly.  I'll try that the next time I check out a book.



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                  OMG! I have been searching everywhere and was about to return my acer a500 for the reason that i couldn't read library books on it since ade didn't seem to work but this works just download those 2 apps and you're golden I wish I could help everyone with this problem. It took me 3 days of reading threads to find this answer, no one else has figured this out. I'm sooo happy!!

                  Download Aldiko and Astro File Manager

                  Then go to your library site, download the book straight to your tablet
                  Open Astro, click on downloads in the left side menu and click on your book, it'll open it with aldiko!

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                    l1u9c8y8 Level 1

                    Many thanks bosco77777.  I followed your advice and it worked a treat!  I'd given up and thought I'd have one more go.

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                      l1u9c8y8 Level 1

                      Well done miss.lissa.bb.  You get second prize!  The trouble is that the site I wanted to download from won't let me download directly to my Acer.  Bosco's solution was the happy alternive.

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                        Glad I could help.  My library now participates in the kindle lending program, and I found a second-hand kindle cheap, so that's my e-reader now.  I find the e-ink much easier on the eyes for extended reading of just text.  I still like the Acer for digital magazines and the like.