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    Buggy Flash Builder?


      2 strange things just happened in my code.


      1.  i have a vector object called myVector.  i want to remove all object in the vector so i write myVector.splice(0).  it claimes there is an error becasue the function splice (apparently) requires 2 parameters, eventhough it doesn't according to the docs, nor have i ever had to to do this before.  now i have to included the length of the vector as the second parameter for it to compile without "errors"


      2.  i'm calling a public function of my class from within my class, but FB complais saying the function can't be found.  it's not misspelled.  it only lets me compile if i prefix the keyword "this" to my function:  this.myFunction();




      i'm using Flash Builder 4.5 on Mac OS X 10.6.7