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    Help with sliding menu effect please

      I would be very grateful if someone could help me acheive the following effect

      please see http://www.testthis.co.uk/johnsonv2/Very_Hig-_Da-541/final_work.swf

      I have already created the level ones' rollover effect
      See http://www.testthis.co.uk/johnsonv2/hotspots.html (kitchens link only)

      and now need the level 2's & 3's to appear as per http://www.testthis.co.uk/johnsonv2/Very_Hig-_Da-541/final_work.swf

      Any help would be gratefully received - have tried to follow a tutorial on flash-kit website but to no avail!!


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          well one way would be to animate the whole thing, so rollOver the certain word and animate the text moving, or there actionscript way where you have rollOver and you code the movement - choose one you would like to do and i can try to help
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            TimSymons Level 1
            To do this with AS you will have to write the code so that each button (except the top button) depends on where the previous button is located. Then when you rollover one of your buttons, you will have to determine it's new height based on how many sub-buttons there are and then re-position all of the other buttons below it based on the new button height.

            You will have 2 basic routines. One will reset all of the buttons to their default locations which it where they are now in your program. The other routine will determine the height of the rolled over button and then based on that height re-position all of the buttons beneath it to their new "temporary" locations.

            At first, don't worry about animating them, just see if you can get it them to reposition without any animation.

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              linzi007 Level 1
              thank you soo much for your reply - I am soo stuck on this!!

              I would love to be able to do this in action script but don't have the time to start reading text books - I have a deadline to meet which is fast approaching and i still have to build the rest of the site.

              Any help you can give will be gratfully received.

              Linz x