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    Anyone experiencing problems importing .pct files?


      Hey there, I have several legacy .pct sequences that will not import into AE 5 or 5.5.


      This is on an 8 core OSX 10.5.8. Ae will import one frame of the directory, but not a sequence.


      The files are originally generated by C4d and rendered on a mac of the same specs.


      My work around is opening the sequence in Quicktime and exporting as a .mov


      The odd thing, the import parameters identify the .pct files as a quicktime file, which I believe is the ultimate


      issue here. 1 file=1 .mov, which it's not...



      Also, in AE CS4, the files behave as expected.... import perfectly.



      Directory looks like this:


      All other still image format sequences (.tif, .tga, etc) import fine.
      I won't divulge the hilarious telephone tech support conversation, apparently english is my second language....
      thanks for any advice...