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    Has anyone encountered file problems when exporting to .swf?

    FlippyTheClown Level 1

      I have been using InDesign CS5 to produce presentaions, which include interactive navigation buttons. This has worked really well for several projects we've already completed. However...

      I have a large presentation of 197 pages, and it works perfectly when I export 1-180. However if I export pages 1-181 or above I get a range of wierd problems with the SWF file.

      Symptoms include buttons having bizar rollover effects, the presentaiton playing continuously without stopping, strange pic/text attributes,

      To try and fix this issue I have:

      * Resaved the file

      * Tried to isolate the specific page by deleting items from everything from the pages after 180. - No good.

      * Just exported the last 50 pages (which works perfectly)

      * Removed all transparency and effects from the buttons

      * Altered resolution output and frame rate to see if it made any difference - it didn't

      * Downloaded CS5.5 in case it was a bug - if it is, it still exists in 5.5

      * Backsaved to CS4 - (which sort of worked, but many of the animation effects were missing)

      * Tried every computer in our office in case it was memory or RAM related.

      Has anyone encountered file problems when exporting from InDesign to PDF?

      I can't even think of a workaround without pulling everything into Flash and re-building the menus and buttons.

      Any gurus out there? Thanks in advance.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are only a few users of the SWF export function here. I've done a few but only a few pages, never as long as you're attempting.


          Patteri is our resident SWF expert and hopefully he'll reply to you today.

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            Petteri_Paananen Level 4

            It´s really hard to say what is the exact culprit in your case but I´m afraid that you have just reach some kind of maximum amount of objects in your document. That´s one nasty limitation that SWF file format has, you simply can´t have as many objects as you like there. I have reach that limit sometimes with 100 pages long documents, sometimes I have made 500 pages long document without any problems.... after reaching it, you will face really strange problems like some pages may be partially or totally blank, page turning does not work... + problems you mentioned....


            Unfortunately there is no work-arounds for that, except may be simplifying your document... you may also try to export your SWF with texts converted to outlines (you can do it in Export SWF / Advanced tab)... I´m quite sure it doesn´t help you out, but may still be worth trying....

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              FlippyTheClown Level 1

              Thanks Petteri. What an annoying problem.  We produce educational books and presentations and InDesign's new interactive buttons have been a god send and saved us hours, up until now. Its dissappointing knowing that there is an intermittent problem that could pop up at any time if the documents are too large.

              For the benefit of anyone else who stumbles on this thread looking for answers I'll post my final workaround below (Complete with bold bits for the impatient ):


              Workaround to swf object limit when exported from a large InDesign document:

              In my case we had a 200 page document with 9 chapters, and a navigation page (Home) at the beginning with 9 buttons linking to each chapter. We could export the first 180 pages and everything worked perfectly. Any more pages and the entire swf file was corrupt (as described at the top of this thread). We could also export the last 180 pages, but not the entire document.

              I exported the last 2 chapters as 2 individual swf files, with their own navigation (next page, previous page). I called these 'chapter8.swf' and 'chapter9.swf'.

              Then I deleted the last 2 chapters from the document and replaced them with 2 single pages.

              On the single pages I then placed the 'chapter8.swf' and 'chapter9.swf' files as an object and in the 'media' panel set it to 'play on page load.'

              I updated the buttons on the home page to link to the page, and when the user clicks the button the page will load and play the .swf file.

              I placed a 'home' button above the layer holding the 'chapter.swf' graphics, which sent the user back to the home page, and they were then able to select an individual chapter to play and return back to the main menu.

              This meant the first 7 chapters are accessed directly in the swf, and the last 2 are loaded externally.


              Before I found this work-around I also tried to load the swf into PDF. This worked perfectly, but we have our presentations play in full screen mode. When the PDF file plays in full screen the linked .swf file does not resize with the PDF, so I had to abort this option. If you're not playing the presentation in full screen mode - PDF might also work for you.

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                FlippyTheClown Level 1

                No real answer - only a work-around.