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    100% width on ComboBox

      Hi all,

      i got a ComboBox 100% width inside a HDividedBox. When i resize the parent DivBox canvas the ComboBox resizes correctly.

      When the ComboBox contains a longer entry than the DivBox canvas the Combo shows the long entry completely and scrollbars appear on the canvas.

      Anyone knows how to avoid the Combo takes the width of its widest child?

      Thx in advance!
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          Robert Hirst
          The simplest way I found was to extend the ComboBox component and override the method which seems to cause this behaviour with a dummy method.

          I created an .as class file which looks something like this:

          import mx.controls.ComboBox;

          public class RestrictedWidthComboBox extends ComboBox
          override protected function calculatePreferredSizeFromData(count:int):Object
          return { width: 0, height: 0};

          Now you can use this combo box exactly as you would use a normal combo box.

          <local:RestrictedWidthComboBox y="95" width="100%" dataProvider="{datafields}" x="0"/>

          Hope that helps, let me know if that's the behaviour you expected.
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            kcell Level 2
            Hi Robert,

            thanks a lot, I achieved the same problem and your solution fits perfect ;)

            best regards,