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    Why no After Effects CS5 for 32bit systems?


      I want to know why i cant get AE CS5 for my laptop wich has a 32 bit OS.

      Surly that is a step back on adobe's part because that limits most people to CS4.


      im trying to install the trial of CS4 but i keep getting errors.


      Also, PLEASE ADOBE! bring out an update for CS4 as it crashes when trying to render as a .MOV


      So, back to the main topic... If i cant get AE CS4 in the next 2-3 days. im going to have to stop my work as i do GFX and Motion design and i require AE.


      Pleaseeee tell my why i get these errors.

      the errors are .....


      error 1.PNG

      error 3.PNG

      error 2.PNG