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    After Effects CS3 losing my SWF animations

    Danbo342 Level 1

      Hey ladies & gents,

      I was playing around with Flash and made an intro for my youtube videos. It's not much but has a 747 with various lights, beacon, strobes, nav lights, etc. Most of these are an embedded movie clip within a movie clip in Flash. I brought it into After Effects but After Effects doesn't see the strobes at all. You can see them clear as day in the SWF. If you don't know, FLASH has various export file types. After Effects seems to do much better a job at rendering out from an actual SWF file since anything else, FLASH is terrible at exporting (AVI's are putred).


      I am matching the SWF frames per second, resolution etc. Interpreting footage, etc, etc. I am sure "Export hidden layers" is checked although I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have anything to do with it anyway, since again, I can see everything just fine prior to AE touching it.


      Any thoughts are appreciated.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nothing wrong, everything works "as designed". It's stil lthe same today. AE only sees tween/ keyframe animation on the primary stage. No symbols, no scripts, no other stuff. See this help page for which features are supported. And you seriously should consider at least trying the latest version of Flash. It has gotten considerably better at offline rendering for pixel output in recent versions....



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            Danbo342 Level 1

            Thanks Mylenium. I would love to get it but going through a long spell of unemployment and by the time I get caught up and have the extra coin CS94 will be out.


            Thanks for the info. I thought it has something to do with that so killed all my scripts and did it the old timeline way. Sad it doesn't work with symbols though. Oh well. At least I know I'm not imagining things which is more of a relief.


            For the record, I had tried several export options and was very surprised at how great the quality was with AE processing the SWF. Other than the this one annoyance, it did remarkably well and still the best option I found for CS3.

            Thanks again,