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    Redraw issues after FLA imported to Flash, and Compiled in Air


      I created a test file in inDesign. It has 3 pages. The pages are pretty simple. Though there are some clipping paths and animation.

      I ported the filed to Flash, as a FLA.

      I added video in Flash, and some more animation.

      I added code so the file will go from frame to frame, (what were the pages), on mouse click in the frame.


      If I complie it is Flash, it works great.

      If I compile it in Air, which I want to do, when it gets to the last page, it starts to have redraw-issues.

      When the user clicks on page 3, there is a gotoAndStop(), which normally takes the user back to page 1. But in Air, the user gets to page one, but only sees page 3, as the redraw never occurs. I tested this very carefully, by rebuilding the whole thing and removing every element.


      The issue seems to be, if I remove all the pagespreads, which are now "movieclips" in Flash, it works fine without redraw issues.

      If I add any of the pagespread movieclips to a frame, as they were when imported, the redraw issue occurs, but only when I compile in Air.


      Have you heard of this before? I was wondering if there might be some settting in Air that is conflicting with the inDesign created pages, which are now movieclips.I am hoping there is something that I can do to fix it, as I would like to continue to create the spreads in inDesign.


      I am working on a PC in Windows Vista. I wondered if this was the issue as well. I can share the file if you want to see it, compiled in flash, and compiled in Air.


      Thanks very much,


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Since this is the InDesign forum, you'll have much better luck asking in the Flash or AIR forums.

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            em2744 Level 1

            Just to update. this is relevant for inDesign users who want to port to Flash, and compile as an app in Air.


            It turned out what was causing the problem was  my use of the TLF text. Air did not like it and caused it to error and not function. I rasterized the text on export as a FLA instead, and it compiled fine. It may be my use of kearning, hanging indents, etc. I refined the text alot in inDesign, as would most designers. Maybe the samples used in testing never had hanging indents? Anyway, it works fine, as long as I rasterize. This loses the nice TLF editing function in Flash. But at least it works and the text looks good.


            Any info on this, or if anyone reproduces the error, I'd be interested in hearing.