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    Install Scripts in InDesign-Nothing happens when clicking Reveal in Explorer


      Hello All


      I want to use my scripts panel in Indesign.  When I go to Window>Automation>Scripts then click Reveal in Explorer nothing happens.  I recently installed a new hard drive for my computer.  I have 2 drives labeled C and N.  My program files all exist on my C drive including InDesign.  Even when I go directly to the program file folder and open InDesign I get this error "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk intodrive /Device/Harddisk6/DR6"  InDesign will still open regardless if I click "Cancel" or "Try Again" once I see this error message.  However I can not access the Sripts folder which I know exists in the InDesign Application folder in the Program Files Folder on the C drive.  I am guessing something is not linked up right between the program and the hard drives.  (I tried all of this on my laptop which only has one drive and Reveal in Explorer works fine.)


      Could someone please tell me how to tell InDesign where it should look for files when trying to access scripts.


      Thank you,