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    ID 5.5 Loses tool functionality and Crashes


      2 IMac 27" 3.4 ghz i7, 8 G Ram OS 10.6.8, CS 5.5 v 7.5.1.  The program worked great for 3-4 weeks.  All of a sudden I can't move any of the boxes in a new or previously saved document using the selection tool. When I close the program it tells me that it crashed.  Re-opening the program takes a very long time.  I trashed the preferences and that didn't help.  I trashed both cache folders and it seems to have solved the problem, but only temporarily.  I shouldn't have to trash the cache every 2nd or 3rd time I use the program.  It happens whether I'm logged in as an administrator or just a user.  I don't try to open the program using different users at the same time.


      Can anyone give me any help?