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    Slow field responses in complex order form



      I'm new to creating writable PDF forms and have never worked with javascript before this project. At this point I've created a nine page order form for the company I work for and though it works, it is nearly unusable as it performs so sluggishly. Essentially the form is a large spreadsheet where the user would put in the number of hats for each size of each color and then I used the field properties equation tab to set up where it will total the quantity for each color. The next field has a custom javascript that multiplies the color total by the price of the hat so that there is a dollar total for each color of each style of hat.


      Everything works well with the equations, it does them correctly and displays them fine, the problem is, it takes upwards of 3-4 seconds once you fill in the field and press tab to move on to the next tab.


      The document has 9 pages, each page has a minimum of 200 fields. This delay is not only limited to fields with equations, it persists with each field, i.e. the top of the form where you would put your name and address, etc...


      I have found several threads relating to this:






      the problem is I do not sufficiently understand scripting to decipher how I can use this information.


      My custom calculation for the total field is below.



      (function () {



          // Get alll of the field values, as numbers


          var v1 = +getField("offshore_cream").value;



          // Calculate the result and set this field value


          event.value = 17 * (v1);





      Any information would be greatly appreciated.