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    Could someone explain this to me, please?

    JLAFARGUE Level 1

      I fixed a problem without really understanding how and why the problem occured or even why my fix worked.  I'm hoping somebody can explain it to me.  Here's the problem:


      My form had this structure:








                other subforms


                other subforms.


      There were other objects under the


      My application viewer, which is FormStream filler, was finding a fourth node under Page1Suform.  I couldn't access this phantom node in any way to find out any information about it, so any Javascript which navigated the hierarchy would error when it tried to reach it.


      Through a long consultation with other developers, I found that there was something called a 'bind match" node.  They couldn't explain it to me.  Not knowing what a 'bind match" node was, and figuring it had something to do with linking a data source to an object, I started checking the Default Binding tab in the Object Panel.  The Default Binding for Page1Subform was set to None, while the Default Binding for every other subform was set to Normal.  I set the Default Binding for Page1Subform to Normal and my problem disappeared.  I tried setting other Default Binding properties of other subforms to None to see what would happen, and the phantom node seemed to reappear and follow those subforms around.


      Can anybody give me an explanation of what was happening?