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    TouchEvents and Gesture Events

    anjana 86 Level 1



      I am new to the touch screen development in flex. I have one query. Is it possible to switch the input mode from touch point to gesture during run time.


      Can you please let me know how can i handle this. If I use two fingers to zoom an image the zoom gesture should work. But if  I click on the image a touch_down event should be fired. Can you please help?


      I have one more query, if you can help. Are there any touch simulators available for a kiosk kind of application, where I can simulate the touches and test the application on a non touch enabled screen


      Thank you for your time!

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          Don Kerr Level 3

          You can programmatically change the inputMode

          Multitouch.inputMode = MultitouchInputMode.TOUCH_POINT;


          Multitouch.inputMode = MultitouchInputMode.GESTURE;



          You might check out Matt's SimTouch solution



          However, if you plan to build lots of kiosk-like apps, I recommend you buy at least a multi-touch monitor or touch PC.


          On a Mac, you can test Gestures using the TrackPad just by running your air app in Flash Builder.



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            anjana 86 Level 1

            Yes I we can change the input mode. But based on my touch type will the program be able to change the event listening mode. On the same image a single touch should load an application. A zoom kind of gesture should zoom the image. So how can the input mode change as per these user actions? I have to add 2 different touch inputs to the same touch object.


            I am sorry if I am being too naive.

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              Don Kerr Level 3

              For sure, Air only supports one inputMode at a time.


              You might try staying in Gesture mode and using a different gesture (swipe, two finger tap) or mouse event (double click) to handle the open.