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    16x9 Widescreen footage captured as 4x3

    roaming video Level 1

      Since I upgraded from CS4 to 5.5, when I capture 16x9 Widescreen footage it shows on the source monitor as 4x3 (video is squeezed).

      For every clip I capture I have to do an "interpret footage" and change the pixel ratio from 0.9191 to 1.2121.

      I'm using the AJA Kona LSe capture card with the 5.5 drivers, and my footage is all SD 720x486 Wide.

      AJA tech support tells me that Premiere has difficulty interpreting 16x9 footage (some work, some don't). 

      Also, when I grab a frame from 16x9 video previously captured using CS4, the still picture is 16x9 but not wide. So the subject in the picture is squeezed.

      That seems to confirm that CS5.5 has problems interpreting footage.  I didn't have those problems with CS4.

      Is anyone else experiencing this?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Happens to me when I convert clips using VirtualDub.


          As you can select every clip in a bin and do them all at once, I don't consider it a big deal.

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            roaming video Level 1

            I agree that it's not a big deal.

            But I'm working on a documentary that includes several sections.

            After a day of shoot, I often come back with footage that goes into several different bins.

            I don't necessarily put that footage on the timeline right away, but I like to do the correction as soon as I capture it.

            So I have to stop the capture every time to interpret the footage or keep track of where each clip went (and I have a lot of bins).

            Not too difficult, but extra work.

            Is Adobe aware of that issue and working on it?