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    Sharing to Disc Tab freezes in Premier Elements 9


      I last created a movie in Elements 9 in March.   Since then I have installed a number of programmes (none access the dvds), but also Windows 7 Service pack 1.


      I went to create a movie today, elements worked fine until I got to the Sharing Section.  All the tabs work here except for the disc tab (sharing to DVD or Blu-ray), when I click on this tab, the screen freezes and Windows task manager tells me elements is not responding.


      I have tried restoring my computer to pre-service pack 1, but it won't go back that far.


      So I read through Adobe's Q&As checked out the trouble shooter (even refreshed the DVD drivers), removing & reinstalling premier Elements, but all to no avail.


      Can anyone help please?


      I'm running Win 7 Professional, 64Bit, Service Pack 1, on an Intel i7, with 12GB RAM.





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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If you have not seen this ARTICLE, I would start with the upper portion first, and work though the suggestions.


          If that does not help, then there are many links to other articles, that rather work up in degree of difficulty, culminating with The Case of the Unexplained.


          Good luck, and let us know how things go,



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            Extend77 Level 1

            Thanks Bill


            Its a comprehensive list all right!


            I've done some, but not all, so I'll start as you suggest and let you

            know what happens.


            Best wishes from rainy England,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Hey, a project to keep you inside, and out of the rain.


              After that initial checklist, I'd go link by link, and see if there is anything of use in each. Work towards the "Finding Clues," and by then, you should have some idea what is happening, and then we can explore the why. When you get to the Event Viewer (in Finding Clues), do not be overwhelmed, or put off, if you see a bunch of Warning, or Error messages that are just gobbelygook. No one knows what that "stuff" is, BUT for every message with real text (read that), or a link, follow those links, and give the MS server time to display that page - depending on the link, that might take a few moments.


              If you are not getting Warning, or Error messages, when PrE hangs/crashes, then explore the regular messages, to see if something else is being called at that moment. Each event is logged. I have seen Internet connections, anti-virus software, or even the clock's sync, crop up, at just the wrong time, and hang a program. Usually, however, there will be System, or Application Warning, or Error messages associated with the hangs/crashes.


              Good luck,




              PS - get that rain over with, as I will be in London at the end of October for a week!

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                Extend77 Level 1

                Hi Bill


                Well I worked through most of the list today.


                Actually got restore working went back as far as I could.


                But no change, the problem is I don't get any error messages from

                anything, what happens is I click on the share, disc tab and that's it.


                Elements freezes, task manager says no responding, you can minimize

                elements, even close it, and the computer carries on as if nothing has



                The only symptom is when you go to shut down at the end of a hard day,

                it just never closes, just says windows is closing (for ever!).


                I guess I will have to re-install, but I can't do that until the

                week-end as I have to use it for work week-days.


                Meanwhile, where are you staying in London, is this a holiday or a



                Best wishes (now stopped raining just cold)



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Dang, thought sure that there would be at least that "breadcrumb trail," and that it might lead to a driver issue, or similar.


                  Hope that the uninstall/reinstall works - afterall, that is the first line (or seems to be) in the Technical Support script, and it has worked well for some.


                  As for London, we are at the Hilton Park Lane, and are there for a series of board meetings and dinners. My wife is the chairperson for a UK healthcare foundation, and she must meet of UK soil twice per year, so we are there in Oct and April (usually). She is also working to establish a relationship with two other UK foundations to pool resources and efforts. All are rather centered around neurology and neurosurgery, with training of UK physicians at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona. They are also busy trying to get neurologists and neurosurgeons to some third-world countries, where the ratio is about1: 5,000,000. Historically, we have had great weather in Oct, and very often in April - though there HAVE been some exceptions.


                  Good luck, and please report on how the uninstall/reinstall works.



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                    Extend77 Level 1

                    Hi Bill


                    Very interesting about the healthcare foundation, I guess with so many

                    trips here I don't need to tell you what to see!


                    I'll do the re-install when I have some time, probably over the

                    week-end, when its raining and Mrs H is out!


                    Clearly the programme is waiting for something, but what?  In share,

                    when one clicks on the disc tab, what could it be looking for that it

                    doesn't for all the other tabs?  It only has a choice of burning to

                    file, or burning to disc.  You wouldn't think it was looking for

                    anything outside of Elements until it actually went to burn!




                    Anyway I'll let you know when I crack it.


                    Best wishes, getting warmer here.



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                      onlinetravels Level 1

                      Having the same issue.  Was a resolution ever found?  Or did you have to reinstall the program and did that resolve the issue?  Thanks.