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    Nvidia Driver conflict with 10.6.8?

    cowboymustache Level 1

      I am having an Open GL issue that is very similar to the problems that were widely reported when CS5 and 10.6.4 came out except I am running 10.6.8 and CS 5.5. I'm also running a 2 x 2.6 Quad Core Xeon from late 2008 with 32GB of ram.


      Issue Here:





      Is anybody else having this? I'm going nuts and just lost a few days last week doing clean installs on a new system drive. I've heard general rumours that 10.6.8 is jacked...


      The problem seems to be isolated to AE. I just did a multcam edit session in FCP for 30 hours this weekend and had no crashes. Opened up AE this morning and it happened right away.


      I've updated to the newest Nvidia drivers. I went through all the general Open GL tweaks recommended by Adobe, still no go. I wasn't having this problem until I went to 10.6.8, though it was stable for a little while.


      I either get the dreaded "Open Gl has caused a crash" message, or the system just locks up. I turn off Open GL, everything runs fine. I am just trying to use Open GL for preview, not for rendering.