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    Audio Suggestions - Workflow

    Toomany3 Level 1

      We do a show that's 28 minutes long.  We break up the show into 6 parts since PP can't handle multi editors on the same project.  Once the 6 parts are all done, we stitch them all together to make one big project and then realize all our audio levels are naturally all different in all 6 parts.


      I have a two part question.


      1.  How can I handle this situation best?  What's the best audio workflow for this set up?

      2.  What's the best way to crank up a clip's audio that is much lower than the surrounding clips?  I've got some clips that are very low compared to the surrounding audio and I have them cranked up with the volume bar as high as they'll go, but they are still low.


      Right now we are exporting each part with DNxHD and then just bringing in the .MOV files to the final project.  I would like to dynamically link them, but for some reason it keeps crashing in PP and Encore every time we do this, so the best "fix" has been for us to export a movie out of each part and use the movie files in our final render.  I don't like doing that because we are adding generations, but I don't know how else to do it and still keep the projects stable.