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    Communicating between components

    whitefinger Level 1

      I'm sure this is an easy question but I'm finding it hard to get to  grips with programming an need a nudge in the right direction please


      I  created my site for the first time in Flash Catalyst and now rightly or  wrongly i have about 50 components and a main. Now most of the work is  done in my components and i feel I'm nearly half way in writing the code  in Flash Builder. But it would be a lot easier if i could pass data  between one of the components to another, as i have one component that's  displays a tile list of users and then the client selects the user of  interest which then fires a state selected and then we go to the new  component which displays the user full info in question.

      so I'm trying to pass the ID from component "component_users" to component "component_userinfo"

      so i can use the ID property to retrie the data with a SQL string.

      But every time i search on the net and try something i just always get errors of the kind that means I'm not doing it right

      i  have tried setting up globals ie import mx.core.FlexGlobals; but my  variables are in a component and not in main so that didn't work.

      i  have tried making a function and then calling it but that didn't work  component_users.function but maybe i did that wrong maybe

      does anyone one know what the correct procedure is or can u not call from other components?