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    Need help and Request Adobe To update Flash Builder Extensibility Documentation


      Hello All,

      Looks the documentation on Adobe Flash Builder Extensibility API Reference has not been updated:( ..i can give many examples …. Here is the DesignModelPlugin Class and getEditableModelForFile  method in flex builder 3 http://www.adobe.com/livedocs/flex/3/extensibility/DesignModel/com/adobe/flexbuilder/desig nmodel/DesignModelPlugin.html

      This method is removed in flashbuilder 4 but the document is not updated.Flashbuilder Builder doc link http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flashbuilder/extensibility/DesignModel/com/adobe/flexbuilder/d esignmodel/DesignModelPlugin.html



      Without the updated document i am not able to proceed my development.  Actually i am migrating my plugins from flex builder to flash builder  since some methods are removed i am not able to find alternate way to  fix them for flashbuilder.Hope i will get ideas,useful links to fix my issue and also this will reach adobe to update the documentation . Guess Adobe understand developers pain in an organization.


      Thanks in Advance dinesh