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    Linking TextFields to Drop Down Boxes and selections back to subforms


      I suppose I have two separate questions here.


      #1 - I would like to have a drop down box auto populate based on a text field in a repeating sub-form.


      For instance, I have a "Loan Info Subform" with the loan number text field on it that can be repeated on the same form and I have a "collateral subform" where I would like to have the choice of which loan number within the form the collateral belongs to.


      Is this possible?


      And if so, question #2


      I have a "FairMarket Value of Collateral" decimal field on the Collateral Subform that I would like to autopopulate back into the proper Loan Info Subform, based upon the choice in the drop down list.


      Make sense?


      Thank you in advance for your help!!