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    Modified date changes when just opening PM file


      We use modified dates frequently at my business. We have lots of things that reoccur only once a year, and we'd like to keep the file dates listed as such in the folder views.


      All the sudden, however, Pagemaker files have started updating the modified date to the moment you touch the file, even if you make no changes. If you open it, it now becomes today's date & current time.  It's really messing up our method of doing things.


      It's not happening with any of our CS4 files, or any Microsoft Office files. Also, it's only happening on files stored on the server. It doesn't happen when we do a test of saving a Pagemaker file locally. The problem is, we don't store anything locally. Everything is stored on the server so everyone can access the file and so it's backed up.


      We have a Windows based computer environment but an Apple server with OS 10.3.8 (Tiger--- yeah, I know, old, but it's as far as we can update that server at this time and are looking at getting a new one sometime, but it might be a year or so.) 


      The "modified date" problem has taken place only in the past 2 weeks. We have not done anything significant for changes or updates for quite a while on either the local computer or server ends. We restarted the server recently just to refresh things, and also added another user to the server and set some permissions for that user in the past 2 weeks.


      What could be causing this all of the sudden, and how can it be fixed?

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          Jay Chevako Level 3

          Pagemaker was always a bit unstable, it would behave one way for years, and then suddenly change it's behavior for no apparent reason. It was never really designed for network use, add to that a server system that was designed years after pagemaker was (Tiger may seem ancient to you, but not when compared to pagemaker) and you have a recipie for disaster. I would suggest weaning yourself off of pagemaker. Start converting those files to indesign and stop using pagemaker.


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            kellir-nd Level 1

            Thanks for responding, however, this forum still exists because people DO still use Pagemaker for several reasons. Our reasoning? 1. It's easier to train someone in on backup for certain tasks in Pagemaker than it is in Indesign, especially when the backup person is a clerical worker who has no knowledge of design, or ambition to be a designer. Their position just entails that they might have to backup someone or fill in occasionally. Certain documents are kept in Pagemaker for this reason on easier layout files that have to reoccur weekly. 2. Also, cost can be a factor. Maybe the office will only budget for one person to have InDesign, but there are two licenses of Pagemaker. Might as well use them. 3. Another reason? Our membership that uses these files have been polled, and not even half have InDesign yet. The users that have InDesign can import Pagemaker files, but the Pagemaker users cannot use InDesign files. We choose to please our membership by keeping those files we have to upload to our members area weekly in a format that everyone can use.


            Anyway, thought you'd like to know the reasoning. I notice many answers on this forum are usually, "you should stop using Pagemaker and go to InDesign." There are definitely valid reasons someone would need to still use Pagemaker in some instances.


            Still looking for an answer if anyone has one. Thanks!

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              Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

              The candid and true answer is: if you want to continue using PageMaker more or less reliably, get an old computer with a suitable OS. For Macs, the ideal would be one running OS 9 natively (not in Classic mode); for PCs, I would say it's Windows 98 but I may be wrong. You musn't forget that PageMaker has been officially dead for many years now -it was already dead when Mac OS X was first introduced. And that this thread still survives only because there are old PM users who have been using InDesign for years, but are willing to give a helping hand to those who, for whatever reason, are still using PM. It's just ex PM users who drive this forum; Adobe only provides the bandwidth. Unfortunately, I think almost none of us still has a working copy of PM, so we have to rely more and more on our memories of that gone good old friend.


              Incidentally, you are adding no new reasons to the hundreds that have been posted over the years in many still existing threads, some of them quite lengthy... And some of them very interesting.

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                Jay Chevako Level 3

                I tried asking actual pagemaker users to stick around and answer questions, but nobody does, they only show up when they have a problem. So you are stuck with a bunch of former pagemaker users.


                I do have a working copy of pagemaker on my work pc, but I do my actual work on ID on my mac.


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                  kellir-nd Level 1

                  You are correct, I only came here when I had a problem I couldn't solve by searching the web. But now I am set up to receive emails about other Pagemaker problems, and I've already answered one other user's question. Hopefully he's still looking for an answer. I will be sure to continue to offer my expertise in PM


                  I suspect that the next Adobe update might solve this problem since I've tracked the problem down to starting right after the last Adobe update. But I welcome any more useful answers to my dilemma!

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                    Jay Chevako Level 3

                    This is an ok forum to get emails from, but I wouldn't recommend it on others you would get inundated. Just exactly what "Adobe" update are you referring to? Pagemaker hasn't been updated in years and will not be ever again. We could use someone with current Pagemaker expertise, welcome!


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                      kellir-nd Level 1

                      ANY Adobe update seems to affect how Pagemaker behaves when making a postscript or PDF at the very least. I know updates for Pagemaker haven't been sent out for many years, but everytime an Adobe update happens, I have to change my settings back in the Adobe PDF/Acrobat Distiller choices in the "Printers and Faxes" window so that Pagemaker can export a PDF or postscript correctly. I don't know why it affects it, but it does. And I consider myself to have a very good handle on my PDF settings and output results so that they work in all our member's printed publications.


                      I'm hoping that an Adobe update might have caused this weird modified date change, and maybe another will fix it. It's worth keeping my fingers crossed!

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                        Jay Chevako Level 3

                        What version of distiller are you using? and can you revert back to the version that came with pagemaker?


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                          kellir-nd Level 1

                          Yes... good question! I keep Distiller 5 also (that came with PM 7.0), and of course Distiller 9 for my CS4 programs.


                          My job settings in Distiller 5.0 are disrupted almost everytime there is an Adobe update and it doesn't remember my custom job settings. I reinstall Distiller 5.0 when this happens, and my custom job settings show back up in Distiller 5.0, and then I am able to export PDF's from Pagemaker again. I also have to reset the Adobe PDF option under "Printers and Faxes" to reflect my preferred custom job settings for Distiller 5.0.

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                            Jay Chevako Level 3

                            I'm not sure what having two versions of acrobat on your system would do, I would avoid it out of principle.


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                              kellir-nd Level 1

                              Acrobat 9 makes PDF versions 4.0 and higher. You need a PDF version 5.0 to handle transparencies well. PDF version 4.0 doesn't handle transparency effects well at all.


                              Pagemaker needs Acrobat 5 to be able to directly export PDF's with custom job settings. It only generates a PDF version 4.0, but works for our needs in Pagemaker.


                              I choose to keep both Distiller versions to make our work easier. When you have 20 ads open in Pagemaker, and you send the first one as a postscript through the print window, it sets up the "File, Export" in Pagemaker to use the correct PDF job setting, and then you can just do "File, Export to PDF" for the next 19 ads and it makes perfect PDF's. Works slick instead of having to make postscripts of all 20 ads first and then run them through Distiller. If you only have Distiller 9 installed, it doesn't let you select any custom job settings from your Distiller. Crazy, I know, but that's what I've figured out we have to do to get it to work. Have to have Distiller 5.0 to control PDF settings in Pagemaker and still be able to export from the file menu directly to PDF.


                              Distiller 9 is used for all other more advanced design pieces created in InDesign or Photoshop that are saved as a postscript first and PDF's are made the long way in those cases (running postscript through Distiller 9 at the end).

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                                kellir-nd Level 1

                                So we had a server crash, and had to migrate to a new server (still Mac server in a Windows environment).


                                Low and behold, my issue with the modified dates changing when opening PM documents without making changes has stopped!


                                Again, guessing an issue with a Windows update that wasn't compatible with our Mac server. We are now at Snow Leopard with our new server (we were only at Tiger on old server).


                                Problem Solved!