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    VST Plugins - answers needed please

    neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I have several questions about VST AUdio Plugins & their usage & installation in Premiere Pro CS5/5.5.

      1 - Are 32-bit plugins supported at all?

      2 - If "yes" to the above, what is used as a Bit Bridge for 32-bit plugins?

      3 - How does PPro decide what it will & will not load?

      I ask as I am having nothing but trouble in this department, and let's be honest - the included plugins are not very good.

      So I tried to copy across (what a silly idea - who thought this one up?) a couple to see what happens...

      A - DMG Audio EQuality

      B - DMG Audio Compassion.

      See http://www.dmgaudio.com/ for information.

      Problem #1 - non DMG specific, but VST Plugins should be capable of subfolders to help categorize them into sensible areas, so I can have all EQ in a EQ subfolder - except I can't as this crashes PPro immediately.

      Question - how am I supposed to keep the list clean & ordered?

      Problem #2 - PPro kept crashing. Removed the 2 mono versions and surprise, surprise it works again.

      Question - Why will mono versions not load? Seems bloody silly to me.

      Problem #3 - Compassion will simply not load at all - it does not even appear in the list.

      Question - why? There is no reason it should not work. Works fine in every other VST host.


      General questions.

      1 - Why is there no plugin manager available?

      2 - Why do I have to waste HDD space & duplicate DLL files? Makes updating a right PITA.

      3 - Why can I not use the usual Public VST Plugins folder? One folder, one set of plugins makes much more sense.


      Sorry, but it seems that yet again, Audio is being treated as the shabby relative who gets left in the corner & is generally ignored.

      The supplied plugin set is hopelessly inadequate for any but the most basic of tasks, yet Audio should be half of the program here.

      Great sound will rescue a shabby film, but bad sound will ruin the best produced screenplay ever made.


      Please guys, lets get the audio up to something halfway decent please? We've been stuck with the same terrible clunky ASIO interface for 10 years now.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1 - Are 32-bit plugins supported at all?


          No... PPro is 64bit


          For anything else that you think should be there that is not... https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As to PrPro deciding which VST's to load, that is a multi-step process.


            First, there are three types of VST's, as far as PrPro is concerned:


            1. VST's that PrPro can load, and use. With CS 5 and above, those would be 64-bit.
            2. VST's that PrPro can load, but cannot use. Unless this has changed, there should be a one-time message, that a particular VST will be loaded, but cannot be used.
            3. VST's that PrPro cannot even load. As one launches PrPro, it will compile a blacklist of the VST's to NOT load. Unfortunately, this is not a continuous process, unless that has changed, and one must launch PrPro repeatedly, until the blacklist is fully populated.


            Good luck,



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              neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @ Jim.

              I think you missed the point completely.

              To answer to your reply, I would like to state for the record that I do have the suite, and that is not the point at all.

              The point is that audio in PPro is a joke, and audio is half of the program/film/video etc is perhaps what I should have said.

              Furthermore, I was not discussing Audition. I was discussing the shabby plugin handling in Premiere Pro.



              Thanks for that - this is good information, but shocking.

              There is no good reason whatsoever that a 64-bit NLE should not be able to load simple 32-bit audio plugins by means of a bit bridge.



              This is the most helpful of all, and the information I was looking for. Thank You.

              Now to go file another bug report, as DMG Compassion is a 64-bit plugin, yet it does not show up at all.

              The crashing is not the blacklist either - it's just lousy plugin handling IMHO. I know what the blacklist does - this is what is making PPro CS4 completely unusable on my workstation. CS5 will not handle most of my plugins, so no point even thinking about going there.


              The whole point here is that we still seem to be seeing audio treated badly, as if it is an afterthought or something.

              It is half of the programme/film/broadcast, and should be treated as such.

              The audio engine in Premiere has not changed since version 1.0 and it is simply not good enough.

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                Jim_Simon Level 9
                I think you missed the point completely.


                No, I get it, and I agree with it.  Good audio can save a lot of bad video, but slightly off audio will ruin even the best video.


                MY point was that it makes sense for Premiere Pro's native audio abilities to be somewhat limited.  Just like you need After Effects for heavy composting, and Encore for Blu-ray authoring, so too do you need Audition for extensive audio work.  This approach makes sense to me.  Even Hollywood passes off the edit to a different person using a different program for the audio mastering.


                The basics are there, but for more extensive work, you need the specialized app.

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  >no good reason


                  I don't work for Adobe, but I will say that yes, there is a reason


                  That reason is time and programming resources... it seems clear that Adobe made the choice that PPro will be ONLY 64bit, even if that means it will take some time for the VST authors to get up to speed for the new platform


                  Example (may or may not be a good one) If I was to buy a 200mph sports car, I certainly would not want it to come with a small fuel pump so the engine could only run at half speed, or narrow wheels & tires so I was limited to 75mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    I agree with you, and suppose that I should just be happy that there is now a "blacklist," as that was not always the case, and one just got crash upon crash, with zero feedback to the user. Cannot recall which version added that blacklisting, but think it was CS 3.


                    Still, if PrPro could not be programmed to allow for broader VST implementation (the ideal, in my book), I would like one of two things, or mayba a variation of both:


                    • VST logging would yield info messages, saying something along the lines of "Sorry, but PrPro is having an issue with VST _____ .dll, and will now blacklist that, so that it does not load on launch. Be patient."
                    • Continuous blacklisting of all of the system's VST's, so that one launch would create that blacklist - complete, and PrPro would just move to the next, and the next, not requiring a re-launch between each blacklist entry.


                    Good luck, and maybe our Feature Requests will bear fruit?